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» (149) exo & snsd

had these sitting on my laptop for months and I figured I'd post them since I wasn't going to make any more any time soon. half-assed and they're not that great, oh well

» exo

» snsd

→ comment + credit, it's the least you could do for me ♥
no hotlinking whats so ever!
→ please don't edit and don't claim as your own

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Tags: *diana, group: exo, group: snsd, icons
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Deleted comment

thank you so much!
I took a couple from each group!
okay! enjoy~
Snagged a lot of the Icons for future use, thank you :)
you're welcome! :D
very pretty.
thank you ^^
I like how you edit your images/icons in a way that always makes 'em very clear and sharp. *_____*
Lovely icons are lovely~~~♥
snagged a few, will credit if using :3
took one from exo! c:
for future use, yes.

these are lovely!
took some of the snsd ones. will credit ofc <3
took one! they're all very lovely~

thank you <3
these are gorgeous. will credit when using <3